• Albert Bennett

Authentication : Series Overview

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

First question, what is authentication and why is it important?

Essentially, it means that you have to prove to that system that you are authenticating against that you are whom you say that you are. This is normally done by providing some sort of credentials object to an authorizing system. Then obtaining a token that can be used to say that you are genuine. Now there are several forms of this, and methods for authorizing users. Below I have listed a set of such methods that I will be explaining in this set of blog posts:

. Tokens (JWT)

. Authentication Permissions



. OAuth 2.0 Flows

. OpenID


Each one of them defines a complex process, that can be used to get tokens. Now there are several means of authenticating, such as:

. Using something you are (fingerprint)

. Using something you know (password)

. Using something you have (bank card)

The means of authentication that I will be discussing will be about using something that you know. As it is the most common means of authentication in software systems.

This set of posts will be a little complex...

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