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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

So... first post on my shiny new site. Woop, woop!!

Right about now I guess your thinking, "Hey whats this site/ blog about?".

Well I'm so glad that you asked. It has been suggested to me on several occasions that I should start my own blog/ vlog. I'm going to be keeping them/ it apart as this site is supposed to be a bit more professional than a simple opinion blog. Having said that the aim of this site first and foremost is too promote my own work and my accolades. Sounds a bit... narcissistic I know but still, go me aren't I amazing!!

Now that we got that out of the way the reason for setting this up today is that I had my performance review today. I did well, who knew it! Albeit I need to speak up more but... I kinda knew that already. It's hard for me to give my opinion on stuff that I am near clueless about... ADAL stuff if you are curious. So hint, hint as to to one of the topics that I will be covering soon.

The other big take away was that I have gotten myself one hell of a learning path sorted out. All of which I will be doing many, many posts about and then some other fun stuff. Up too and including:

See loads to get through, most of it I'm doing for completely selfish personal development reasons. Fyi, the list above was written in HTML because I couldn't find the bullet list option and markdown wasn't working for me :(. With each tutorial/ segment where applicable I will be putting links to my GitHub repositories, just in case... and also for a point of reference for myself so that I can look back at my samples. But mostly for whom ever is willing to follow along... see, I care about my followers/ listeners/ occasional drop ins/ curious randomers :).

Also a little off topic but, why is it hard for auto correct to pickup on "seperatly". I mean it picks up "separate" fine, so surely it shouldn't have much of a problem.

Finally as I've been told before on several occasions like when I go to the gym, work or some other third thing. This is a marathon not a sprint little code samples building up to medium sized projects. I'll tag everything as best as I can, so that it will be easier to find.

With all of that gotten through, I'll be seeing ye next time.

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