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Design Patterns: State

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

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For today's topic... the state pattern.

This pattern is useful for when you are trying to manage state in your project but, don't want to use a full blown state machine.

To better explain how the state pattern works here is a UML diagram of how each aspect of it works:

There are several parts to the State pattern. I'll be explaining the role of each of them.

Context: The job of the context object is to hold a reference to the current state of the client.

State: This is an abstract class that each state is going to inherit from. Also, it contains a reference to the context object such that states can transition between them.

StateA/ StateB: These are concrete implementations of the state object. Each one manages the transition of states.

State changing in action!

I hope that this help you to understand the State Pattern.

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