• Albert Bennett

Get Gud : Series Overview

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The title really says it all.

These set of posts are all about being a better programmer by learning about best practices. I swear that I didn't start these set of posts because, I have a lunch and learn about clean coding next Wednesday at 2pm. Any how the topics that I will be covering include:

. Clean Coding Principals

. SOLID Principals

. Dry/ Kiss


. Dependency Injection

. Getting Extra Gud

Wow, a lot of principals and acronyms. Each technique is an important step in becoming a better programmer. The last post in this series will be my own experiences and what I have found that helped me along the way. Also, it looks like there is a lot to learn here but, there is a lot of overlap and repetition.

I'll leave it there for this time. Peace out!

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