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Simply Put: What is a CDN?​

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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So... what is a CDN? In this post I will be addressing that question.

Simply put a CDN (Content Delivery Network), is a group of servers all located in different regions. They are used to deliver content to your users as fast as possible. The benefits of using a CDN are as follows:

Improved loading times - content that is stored on a server closer to the user loads quicker than one that is further away.

Increased hardware redundancy - CDN servers are distributed globally. If one of them goes down due to a hardware failure, massive network traffic to the website. Then there is another server to act as backup.

Reduced bandwidth - one of the big costs for websites in the amount of data that can be hosted and steamed to users from the origin server. By hosting content on CDN servers the cost is reduced.

Now using a CDN doesn't entirely mitigate the need for traditional web hosting. After all CDN servers are mostly used to store content for websites.

I hope that this helps you to understand CDN's :)

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