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Simply Put: What is a Domain Name?​

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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Ok, so here we are web dev 101. What is a domain name. There is no shame in not knowing what is is, after all... that's why I'm here :)

Simply put, a domain name is the name of your website. Mine is theworldaccordingtoalbert.com. Another example is gmail.com. If you had a gmail account, you'd see this at the end of your email address. Simple as that really... post done....

I feel like one of the areas that people get confused when talking about domain names is in the difference between web hosting and domain names. To put it in layman's terms. Your domain name is a link to a container where, your website is hosted. A website after all is just a set of files accessible on the net. The name of the web host is generally not part of a web address as it is a service that is used to host your website however, the file names contained in that container can be.

The last thing to notice about a domain name is the domain suffix (.com, .ie, .uk, etc). These are often used to distinguish what region/ version of the website the user is directed to, when accessing the site.

I hope that this helps you understand domain names.

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