• Albert Bennett

Simply Put: What is a Proxy?

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

We have all heard of it in some sense but, does anyone really know what it means?

Simply put, it is a server that acts to mask your IP address. A request goes to a proxy server, and that request gets sent to the required resource. However... there is no encryption in any of the traffic. Moreover anyone, who has access to your stream can easily find out who you are, as the only thing that happens is an IP swap. No stripping of identifying information at all. A proxy server is configured on an application by application bases, think web browser extensions.

There is a second prevalent type of proxy server (SOCKS). A HTTP proxy can only accept HTTP traffic through it. Where as a SOCKS proxy has no issue, and can accept most types of requests. However, SOCKS proxies tend to be much slower at relaying requests.

So in conclusion, don't use proxy servers when passing around sensitive information.

I hope that this explainer helps :)

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