• Albert Bennett

Simply Put: What is a Security Certificate?​

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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So what exactly is a security certificate? In this post I'll be answering that question.

Simply put, it is a small file that is used to tell an authorization service that the owner of the website has been verified. It's as simple as that. Security certs go by many different names: SSL (secure socket layer), digital cert but, they all mean the same.

Security certs are generated by a third party certification authority (CA). A security cert can only be provided after the CA has evaluated the security framework of the site and the legitimacy, authenticity of the site can be confirmed.

Security certs generally last up to two years, after which they have to be regenerated. If ever you've visited a website and gotten a message about visiting at your own risk it means that the cert has expired or doesn't exist.

I hope that helps you to understand Security Certificates better :)

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