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Simply Put: What is CI/ CD​?

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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Ok, all right. Ok, so what is CI/ CD? I'm sure that you've heard of them before. If not, then come on... where have you been? Regardless, in this post I'll be defining both of them and how they relate​ to software development.​

Simply put, CI stands for continuous integration and CD means continuous delivery. They are modern approaches to delivering updates to projects, in small incremental portions. They work in tandem​ with code repositories such as on GitHub. When a code change is made an event can be trigger to start the build pipeline. Which, when successful creates an artifact. The artifact is then sent through a release pipeline. Which then, ultimately publishes the code to a container of sorts. Or even more simply put:​

The changes can then picked up by the web app, and presto. Code updated in minutes. As another bonus, all of the processes can be automated (except for the initial code push).

In modern software development CI/ CD really helps to improve the downtime between releases, updates and bug fixes.​ I personally have found them to be a very handy way of delivering software updates.

I hope that this post has helped you understand CI/ CD.

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