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Simply Put: What is the Cloud?

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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Some say that they are made up of water droplets, other say that they are mostly made of Linux servers. In this post I'll aim to answer the question, What is the Cloud?

Simply put, the cloud refers to computing resources that you can access on demand over the internet. As of writing this the two biggest cloud offerings are, Microsoft's Azure and, Amazon's AWS.

By "computing resources" what I mean is that each cloud offering provides a network of severs each with there own function. These servers are either used to store data, run applications, deliver content, etc.

The main advantages of using the cloud are as follows:

. As a business you don't need to invest in high end machines

. Your information is available to you on any device

. Low cost solutions for you computing needs

. Geo redundancy is an option to minimize risk

As with anything tech related there are risks. One of the big ones with regards to cloud computing is that your information is on someone else server. With that there is a risk that your information can be accessed by someone else.

Now that all sounds scary :( but, everyday there are improvements being made to cloud security and encryption technology.

Cloud technology is becoming more common place. recently Google announced it's Stadia product. It's a cloud game console. As in, games are stored on the cloud and the console is used to communicate a server where the game is being stored. Cloud is here to stay, and now big business is now making the switch to cloud.

I hope that this has helped you understand the cloud better.


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