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Things that I have found interesting: IOT

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

First question what is IOT?

The acronym stands for internet of things. Basically it is about every device being connected to the internet and each other and what implications that this has on modern businesses.

It's a scary thought everything being connected, all at once, everywhere. For a second imagine the security implications of this. How much privacy would an individual actually have if every device that they own is being constantly monitored. The thought that someone could be monitoring your communications, purchases, etc it's terrifying. With some "smart" devices such as the FitBit and Apple Watch that gather and retain metrics about your health. How much longer is it going to be before these devices will start to make medical suggestions to you? Such as diet more, drink more, buy our new product because it can more accurately monitor your "health".

Well... my view on all of this (feel free to change my mind on it) is it's ok, if the people collecting the data can be trusted. I know that our data that gets collected can/ does be sold on for targeted marketing. To be honest, I don't really care if someone finds out that one of my last purchases on Amazon was replacement heads for my electric toothbrush. Now, I don't like ads as much as the next guy. But, that's a minor inconvenience at most. Not a scary thing at all, marketing companies have been doing it for years. Remember TV ads, those were/ are directed at a target demography. Much like the "personalized" ads on your phone. Purely used for marketing reasons, I'm fine with my information being gathered by trusted people.

Now privacy can be a huge concern with IOT. I mean on some server somewhere there is information on my music preferences, what time I come home at, when I'm most likely to be in a bad mood, etc. But, does it really matter? That information is already out there, albeit on paper but, it exists. Someone, somewhere can tell when I get home, what music I like, etc. So whats the difference? The information has been centralized, and digitized. Moreover I can ask for my data to be deleted from certain provider. So... I can't really see privacy being an issue with IOT at least in my opinion. Also, I think that when we talk about privacy, it has to be placed into at least two separate categories. One that defines minor pieces of data, such as name, email address, etc. And huge, highly sensitive information. Such as a video stream from my home, passwords, bank details, etc. The former is fine, and the latter only really occurs if you or someone else is careless.

For me when people mention about privacy concerns it's kinda like, well you have a Facebook account right? And you have no issue with that. Even though you are the one posting more sensitive information about your life than what Facebook gathers. Btw, don't get me started on social media.

Fyi, I really like the idea of smart homes. AI assisted living sounds idealistic. Lights go on at particular times, shopping ordered when you run out of food. Imagine coming home from a long day of work and the bath tub has already been prepared, music on to match your mood, etc. Sounds great.

I think that the main obstacle with IOT has always and will always be in the social stigma that comes with it. I mean how many times this month have you heard about X,Y or Z company having a security breach and X million user accounts got exposed. Get a password manager, or a piece of paper and make sure that you have different passwords for every account that you have, and you should be ok...

Well that has been my two cents on IOT, it's great. However, careful considerations need to be put into place with regards to whom you trust your data with.

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